Amelia Le Brun

Born in Germany, raised in Jamaica, Amelia is a landscape and lifestyle photographer.

Currently based in the Lake District, in the UK, her photography has taken her worldwide on assignments for various outdoor companies and Tourism Boards. She has been involved in shoots for fashion, tourism, hotels and lifestyle in countries as varied as Canada, Iceland, Lord Howe Island, The Faroe Islands, Scotland and the US, as well as closer to home.

A graduate in photography of the London College of Communication, she is familiar with all types of modern media. This  includes photography for print, web, social media and other digital output. She is especially aware of the viral nature of modern media. Images today probably influence our lives more than we imagine in our ‘social’ world. As a result, multiple social platforms can carry a simultaneous visual message. If pressed, Amelia quietly admits to a personal love for Instagram.

With a winning personality, ‘Meems’ works quickly and efficiently to produce very individual photographs. Her aim is always to produce credible work with a fun edge, and a different viewpoint.  She is especially aware of the pressures of time and budget that drive modern business schedules.

With flexibility being such an important part of her work, Amelia would love to bring her unique eye to your photography or media project. She is available to work on almost any project within the UK and abroad at reasonable notice. She would love to hear from you and become a partner in your plans.

Call or email Amelia for details or to discuss your latest project.

We look forward to hearing from you.


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