A journey through the Namib Desert

Through May and June of 2022 Nicola and I were lucky enough to travel through Namibia over a two and a half week period for a selection of barefoot luxury lodges. What ensued was endless dirt roads, the darkest skies I have ever witnessed and a big shock when we found out the 4x4 we rented was in fact an AWD. I can confirm it is not the same and made those dirt roads ten times worse than they should have been!! 

Namibia has had a surge in tourism recently; it seems the iconic ochre landscapes and dark skies are drawing travellers from all over the world. Initially that was what drew Nicola and I to the country. Upon arriving however, the landscapes formed just part of our love of this country. We stayed in, and photographed some of the most incredible properties across the country, from tented camps hidden hours down a dry river bed, to wooden cabins perched on the famous Skeleton Coast, nestled among the dunes like the shipwrecks they were inspired by. The people we met were amongst the kindest, proudest and most welcoming.

Throughout our time we stayed in Zannier’s two properties: Sonop and Omaanda, and Natural Selection’s: Shipwreck Lodge, Hoanib Valley Camp and Kwessi Dunes.

Below is a selection of images shot on film and digital from our time at these incredible properties.

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